2nd Grade

1st Quarter: Word Processing and Typing Skills

Students learn to format with different styles.  Students also improve their writing skills through word processing. Students write friendly letters taking care to use appropriate capitalization, spelling, word spacing, and punctuation. Students continue developing typing skills using the home row keys.

2nd Quarter: Spreadsheet, Coding, and Typing

Students will learn to create spreadsheets with charts. Students will learn spreadsheet vocabulary such as rows,columns, cells, data, and values. Students will be introduced to coding and beginning programming concepts. Students continue to develop typing proficiency.

3rd Quarter: Touch Typing and Research Skills Development

Students advance their typing skills and develop beginning research skills. Students will research about a variety of animals. Students will learn to locate important information on a webpage using page titles, headings, subheadings, bold text, links, and text search techniques such as Ctrl + F (Find).

4th Quarter: Touch Typing and Presentation Skills Development

Students advance their typing skills and develop introductory presentation skills. Students create several slide show presentations.. Students will use their research skills to find images and information. Students will combine their images and information to create slide show presentations. Students will also learn to create simple animations using a stick figure animation program.

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